Explore the World as a Climate Hero

We believe in a sustainable mobility future.

We can not only reduce your mobility costs by up to 85% ,

but also reduce your carbon foot-print by 2.000 kg CO2 emissions per year.


We combine the Advantages of cars and e-bikes in one product, the SHARK-Bike.

Ready for Adventure!


The SHARK-Bike is a 3-wheeled fully covered electrical supported trike,
with 2 seats, 2 doors, 1 trunk
and a tilt function for an amazing driving experience.

Space enough for everyone or everyting.

Space for 2

Space for luggage

Space for shopping

"If I had asked them, what they want, they would have said, faster horses."
(Henry Ford)

Being independent


Simple charging at any plug

free parking

"We cannot solve our problems

with the same thinking we used

when we created them."
(Albert Einstein)

It needs a Climate Hero to fight Climate Change!

Environmental Impact

Energy Efficiency - 1kWh/100km


This is the future of urban mobility!

Ready for the City!


"Nothing is stronger than an idea whose time has come."
(Victor Hugo)

Crowdfunding starts in:

1st of September 2021

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